Bloomberg Media: If You Want to Innovate (and survive), Put Your Users First

Oct 25, 2016 8:30 PM ET

Originally posted on IABUK

Michael Shane, Global Head of Digital Innovation at Bloomberg Media writes about innovation and argues that it isn't something you can just show up to work and "do.”

It's not something you can deliver in a deck or a quarterly report or in a product launch. Innovation is a process, a way of working. At Bloomberg, we approach it with rigor: we iterate, we measure, and we analyse.  

These are a few of the key principles that guide us.

1. One user. More than one audience.

One person becomes different audiences on different platforms because her expectations differ dramatically from one to the next -- whether she realises it or not. When my alarm goes off every morning (on my phone), and I roll over to read my favorite morning email newsletter (on my phone), I’m one audience. When I listen to a podcast on the train on my way to the office (on my phone), I’m another audience. And so it goes. At night on my couch or out on the town. On the weekend over brunch or a visit to the park. I have different needs and expectations in each situation, and somewhere out there is a format or product that's just right. 

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