“Blue Horizons for Autism” Makes Flying a Reality

Jun 12, 2017 9:05 AM ET

“We attended the event at JFK today, and it was amazing. It really helped my son experience the airport, and made him more at ease for our actual trip next month. The support and encouragement from the [Autism Speaks] volunteers and JetBlue staff were key.”

—Parent, Autism Speaks

In 2016, Blue Horizons for Autism broke down more barriers to travel. Through our partnership with Autism Speaks, hundreds of autistic children and their families attended four events across multiple airports to practice air travel simulations.

For the parents of many autistic children, air travel doesn’t seem like an option. Blue Horizons allows families affected by autism to practice the air travel experience in a realistic yet relaxed setting, allowing them to be better prepared for future travel.

Families move through each step of the airport experience, starting at the ticket counter, continuing through TSA security, and then to the gate, where they board the plane. Onboard, crewmembers simulate the flight experience, as the aircraft taxies around the runway before pulling back to the gate. The families disembark to cheers, as volunteers greet them at the gate to celebrate their success.

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