CSR in 2020: Trends, Guiding Questions and Resources

Jul 23, 2020 9:30 AM ET

CSR, workplace giving, and employee volunteering trends tend to be reported with a positive spin, which doesn’t mean they’re not accurate but that they need to be carefully weighed and considered. What events triggered this trend in the first place? Was the trigger negative or positive? Does this trigger and resulting trend have any influence on our program goals or immediate actions? While trends should be taken into consideration, they do not always provide an accurate representation of innovation or best practices.

Therefore, it is essential that companies who lead the field in CSR practices do not get swayed or distracted by trends and so-called best practices, but that they commit to consistently ask guiding questions in order to determine whether or not those trends and best practices effectively achieve the objectives for which the program exists.

Explore the following guiding questions in depth on the RW blog:

  • Messaging: Does our messaging appeal to intrinsic motivators?
  • Governance: Are we providing structure and support that allows us to get out of the way?
  • Investment/Commitment: Does this program matter enough to work hard and remain committed to results?

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