Cummins Inc. Global Program Keeps Education Accessible to Communities During COVID-19

Jun 2, 2021 9:10 AM ET

COVID-19 made access to education a challenge for many communities around the world. In the spirit of turning challenges into opportunities, the Cummins Technical Education for Communities (TEC) program continued to deliver on its goal of transforming lives through technical education amidst the significant challenges presented during the pandemic. 

Cummins TEC is the company’s first global strategic community program, and has demonstrated success in bringing creative solutions to technical talent gaps around the world by training disadvantaged youth in employable technical skills and connecting them to good jobs in their communities.

All 24 programs in 14 countries were affected by the global pandemic last year, with many schools shifting to virtual learning or postponing classes. Schools were also forced to delay graduation and the enrollment of new students. In the face of such challenges, the program saw a record number of female students – nearly 20 percent – enter the program.

During the pandemic, Cummins TEC used creative solutions to overcome the education hurdles COVID-19 placed on teachers and students. For example:

  • Emergency grants issued by Cummins helped provide technology products like web cameras to teachers in Nigeria so they could teach virtually to students at home.

  • When program managers learned students in Latin America were dropping out of school to find jobs to support their families, Cummins granted emergency scholarships so students could continue their education.

  • When schools in China decided to conduct a two-week-long virtual fair, Cummins employees volunteered to participate as teachers.

The solutions ensure students continue to learn market-relevant skills that will lead to strong job opportunities after graduation.

Even in the pandemic, Cummins TEC continues to transform education. In sum, more than 1,700 students have graduated from Cummins TEC since its inception in 2012, 80 percent of whom secured good jobs with wages that far exceed the average living wage in most TEC school countries.

Cummins is grateful to all those involved with this program and the impact it has on students, their families and communities. Technical skills provide a clear path to good-paying jobs and economic stability for graduates and their families. Cummins TEC seeks to partner with business, government and community organizations to increase access to good jobs, develop a stronger and growing employment base in communities across the globe, and truly deliver on Cummins’ mission of powering a more prosperous world.

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