Dealerships Share their Environmental Best Practices

Apr 4, 2016 1:35 PM ET

More than 400 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac dealers have signed up to participate in GM’s Green Dealer program. These dealers, who come from 47 states across the U.S., are implementing energy reduction, renewable energy, water conservation, waste-to-landfill reduction and community outreach practices that deliver cost savings and help differentiate them from their competition.  

When it comes to sharing their best practices in environmental efficiency, dealers aren’t very competitive. They’re open to helping other stores implement these projects so they too can reduce their costs and carbon footprint.

Below we highlight 31 dealers who have earned GM’s Green Dealer certification by integrating 10 environmental projects into their facilities, and strive to continually improve their performance.

Is your local dealer on the list?

  • When replacing light bulbs at Bleecker Chevrolet in Dunn, North Carolina, burnt out bulbs are saved in a break-resistant container and sent to a recycling center.
  • All fluids at the Brandl Chevrolet Buick GMC dealer in Aitkin, Minnesota are purchased in bulk to eliminate the use and frequent disposal of quart-sized plastic bottles.
  • The Dahl Chevrolet, Buick and GMC dealership in Winona, Minnesota uses waste oil to heat their facility. Its oil-fired furnaces heat liquid that is then circulated throughout the building’s floors.
  • The Davidson Automotive Group in Rome and Watertown, New York utilized vacant land at the rear of both dealerships to install 2,600- and 3,000-panel solar fields, respectfully, which produce a high percentage of the energy needed at the dealerships. 
  • Davis Chevrolet in Lexington, North Carolina installed 48 natural skylights to reduce electrical energy in the shop area.
  • Don Elliott Autoworld in Wharton, Texas, eliminated energy-hogging vending machines and uses special insulating foam to better control the building’s temperature.  
  • Fremont Buick GMC in Fremont, California creates renewable energy with a solar tree, which provides low-cost electricity to charge EVs and serves as a unique landmark for drivers as they pass by.
  • George Matick Chevrolet in Redford, Michigan educates its customers on the facility’s various environmental attributes in the showroom of the newly refurbished dealership.
  • George Nunnally Chevrolet in Bentonville, Arkansas works with a school to help educate the community on environmental issues and engage students in water conservation projects.
  • Gosch Chevrolet in Hemet, California installed a solar array on the roof to provide a large amount of the dealership’s overall electricity needs.
  • The Davenport, Iowa Green Buick GMC dealership installed efficient LED lighting on the store’s exterior.
  • Jim Norton Chevrolet in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma uses 100 percent LED lighting.
  • John L. Sullivan Chevrolet in Roseville, California has a free-standing solar array in its parking lot to charge electric vehicles.
  • Both the LaFontaine Cadillac Buick GMC dealership in Highland, Michigan, and the LaFontaine Chevrolet dealership in Dexter, Michigan, use geothermal systems to warm their stores with the natural heat of the earth. The geothermal system also extracts heat from the facilities during the summer months, returning it to the ground.
  • McCormick Motors in Nappanee, Indiana, is pursuing a five-year plan to add more energy-reducing fixtures to the store.
  • A six-speed garage door at McCluskey Chevrolet in Cincinnati, Ohio helps assure a quick repair time and reduces the energy needed to open and close the large door.
  • The high bay windows in the service department of Mountain Chevrolet in Glenwood Springs, Colorado allow more light into the building and cut energy use.
  • Heating and cooling the entire O’Connor Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac building in Augusta, Maine with a geothermal system reduces the dealership’s energy and operating costs. The dealership also promotes its Green Dealer certification in a promotional video.
  • The heating and cooling systems at the Paul White Chevrolet dealership in Cabin Creek, West Virginia are energy efficient and maintained regularly to maintain optimal performance.
  • Premier Chevrolet of Buena Park in California participates in the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools program, working with two schools to educate students on environmental preservation.
  • Sellers Buick GMC in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and its sister store John Bowman Chevrolet in Clarkston, Michigan, use low-flow water fixtures in the bathrooms, which saves 40,000 gallons of water annually.
  • Shottenkirk Chevrolet in Quincy, Illinois, installed a white roof to reflect the heat from the sun’s rays that would otherwise be absorbed by the building. White roofs can reflect up to 90 percent of sunlight, helping reduce air conditioning costs.
  • By rerouting the exhaust air from an air compressor, Simms Chevrolet in Clio, Michigan can now use the reclaimed air to heat the store in the winter.
  • Starling Chevrolet built a new facility in Orlando, Florida incorporating LED lighting, high-speed garage doors and a white, sun-reflecting roof.
  • The body shop at the Stillwater Motors in Stillwater, Minnesota uses waterborne paint when repairing vehicles.
  • Sunshine Chevrolet in Arden, North Carolina was built at a specific angle to avoid natural sunlight and is equipped with extra insulation and high-speed garage doors.
  • The newly upgraded Vic Canever Chevrolet dealership in Fenton, Michigan features low-e windows that minimize the amount of ultra violet and infrared light that can pass indoors.   
  • The Wright Chevrolet Buick GMC dealership recently moved to a new location in Baden, Pennsylvania, which features energy-efficient equipment.

For more information and examples, please visit the GM Green Dealer website