Ecocentricity Blog: That's a Big Pothole

Apr 12, 2017 9:30 AM ET

Fortunately, Atlanta has a robust public transportation system and an intelligently-designed network of roadways to allow for a seamless modification of traffic flows without increased congestion. Unfortunately, none of that previous sentence is true.


In case you missed Atlanta’s latest unfortunate tour-of-national-headlines, we had a 100-foot section of bridge on I-85 North collapse after a fire was set under it. I know what you’re thinking – how does a fire bring down a part of the Interstate? Well, let’s just say I also have a new perspective on what a “big” fire is. NPR’s coverage will give you a good impression if you missed the photos and videos.

Both northbound and southbound lanes are closed for the next two months or so. As in, ALL the lanes. It turns out the fire weakened the southbound bridge as well, so they’ll need to work on both sides of the highway.

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