FedEx Helps Save Lives Through Strategic Collaborations

Knowledge Sharing Benefits the World’s Megacities
May 3, 2017 8:00 AM ET


Saúl Alveano, World Resources Institute 

Mexico City is home to almost 22 million people— a bustling metropolis with record traffic congestion. Saúl Alveano, a civil engineer with the nonprofit World Resources Institute (WRI), describes how FedEx has helped transform daily commuting in his home city.

“I’m passionate about road safety and so is FedEx. They have world-class road safety policies and expertise, so WRI was thrilled to learn from FedEx specialists how their Safety First philosophy and practices could help improve road safety in Mexico City.

The expertise FedEx shared with us is saving lives. They helped adapt the FedEx safety training manual to improve Mexico City’s public bus system, and to launch the city’s first bus driver safety training program.

With their technical support, the new system includes technology to manage bus fleets more efficiently and helped increase the use of energy efficient technology including hybrid buses in Mexico City. Quality of life for millions of commuters and families has taken a leap forward.

We go to school. We go to work. We go to parks and other public spaces, enjoying the city at its best. We should feel safe, and parents should not worry about their children getting hurt.

Now, see people leaving their cars at home, trusting that they’ll get to their destination faster and safer. It makes me proud as a citizen, a father of a four-year-old boy and as a WRI employee to witness the positive impact on our city.”

To learn more about citizenship efforts at FedEx, visit to view the 2017 Global Citizenship Report. Highlights from the collaboration between FedEx and WRI include:

  • With expertise and funding provided by FedEx, WRI provided the first ever driver safety training for more than 1,000 bust rapid transit bus drivers in Mexico City.
  • FedEx and WRI are now helping make public transport safer and more accessible, efficient and environmentally sustainable in Mexico, Brazil, China and India.
  • Since 2010, FedEx support of EMBARQ has benefited more than 3.4 million people around the world.