Honoring Our Veterans and Military Families Through Corporate Commitments

By Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas, Managing Director, CECP
Nov 10, 2019 10:00 AM ET

On Veterans Day, we honor our country’s military veterans who served to protect our freedom and rights. Many of us at CECP have family members and friends who have served or are serving in the military, and in our special salute, we want to highlight the commitment by companies to support military families and veterans.

Military leaders face tough choices in their missions and tours of duty, and the transition to civilian life brings a new set of challenges to them and their families. The welfare of our veterans and their families is the responsibility of our society, and the gratitude for their service should not solely be sustained by the government. CECP is proud to share that many companies have made bold corporate commitments to engage their workforce, deploy their talent and skills, and invest their financial resources to support military and veteran families. In a three-year comparison of 2016 to 2018, CECP’s recent Giving in Numbers data demonstrate that the percentage of companies with a focus on military and veteran issues remained strong and level at 8%.

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