How a Stakeholder Event Can Boost Corporate Volunteering

Jul 14, 2021 10:30 AM ET

Just getting started in corporate volunteering? Our friends at Pathable have provided some quick and easy ways to dip your corporate toe into employee volunteering without creating an extensive strategy or Volunteer Leaders Network. When you’re ready to go deeper, contact us at Realized Worth! In the meantime, read here for accessible ways to get started.

Without the right strategy, handling a corporate volunteering program involving several nonprofit partners and employees can be challenging. However, you don’t want to commit your people and financial resources to a program without ensuring that you are getting the desired results. That is why you need to create opportunities for relationship building between your organization, the nonprofits you are working with, and your employees. Making such connections will lead to more effective collaborations and a more significant impact on your volunteering program’s success.

This article explores ways to create more synergy between your organization, nonprofit partners, and employees. You will learn how to redefine your goals, communicate these goals, and create a virtual or hybrid event action plan to build sustainable relationships that will impact communities. The following points are covered:

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