How Crypto Currency Is Bringing Ownership to the People

Feb 23, 2022 9:10 AM ET

by David Weinstein, Senior VP at Dana Investment Advisors 

Many of us were sitting around the dinner table at Thanksgiving or Christmas and someone youngish started talking about blockchain cryptography. They probably called it something different though: “crypto,” “bitcoin,” maybe something about a “doge”-coin? Breathless talk of massive returns may have followed, without the mention of risk. A cult leader would be impressed by the level of evangelism.

Inevitably a wiser individual asks some variation of the question: “But what is it and why do I need it?”

“It’s digital gold.”, “It’s replacing the U.S. dollar.”

“It’s a tool for the decentralization of corrupt centralized power structures in a post-capitalist world.”

Ok. Blockchain cryptography (a.k.a. crypto) may be some or none of those things, this article looks at why I think Crypto currency and blockchain matters – a lot. 

Blockchain cryptography can put an explicit Price – a value – on nearly any asset. It can do this because the combination of blockchain databases and cryptography enables the creation of tokens (like bitcoin, but there are thousands more) that embed inalienable rights. These tokens are secure, tradeable 24/7/365, and most importantly, verifiably Owned. 

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