Land Betterment Corporation's Entrepreneur Zone Highlighted in Canopy's Good Business Newsletter

Canopy’s Newsletter highlights Land Betterment’s community center for entrepreneurs and young businesses to collaborate and foster new business growth throughout Central Appalachia
Mar 30, 2021 8:00 AM ET

Land Betterment Corporation (“Land Betterment” or the “Company”), an environmental solutions company fostering positive impact through upcycling former coal mining sites to create sustainable community development and job creation, was recently highlighted by Canopy and their Good Business Newsletter.

Canopy is a non-profit organization working to support for-profit businesses with a stated social and environmental mission.  Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Canopy works with leaders and business owners to positively impact people, our planet, and our future.  Canopy believes that businesses, in partnership with nonprofits and government, can make a positive impact on pressing issues by providing diversified funding, additional human resources, and innovative solutions.  

In their latest Good Business Newsletter, Canopy highlights Land Betterment’s Entrepreneur Zone (“E-Zone”).   Located in the City of Hazard, Kentucky, the Entrepreneur Zone was established by Land Betterment as an office building that focuses on the incubation, fostering, and promotion of regional and local businesses throughout eastern Kentucky and the Appalachia region. The goal of the E-Zone is to provide resources to regional start-up businesses that are looking for private and public resources to help their businesses grow.  

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About Land Betterment Corporation

Land Betterment Corporation, an Indiana Benefit Corporation, is an environmental solutions company focused on fostering a positive impact through upcycling former coal mining sites to create sustainable community development and job creation.  The Company utilizes a complete solution-based lifecycle program to restore and rehabilitate the environment and revitalize communities in need of change and opportunity. Land Betterment accomplishes this by identifying un-reclaimed, run-down and neglected coal mining sites, fixing the environment through reclamation and remediation, and then repurposing the land to support a sustainable business that serves the community.  Land Betterment firmly believes that with real solutions it is possible for restoration of impacted areas to live side-by-side long term employment, while building sustainable and safe surroundings for communities and our planet.  For more information visit or connect with the Company on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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