Mike Bloomberg on Mark Zuckerberg's Decision to Devote His Wealth to Philanthropy

Dec 10, 2015 6:45 AM ET

Originally posted on Mikebloomberg.com

By Mike Bloomberg - DEC. 01, 2015

My hat’s off to Mark Zuckerberg for making a decision he’ll never regret and making a difference he’ll forever be remembered for. Devoting his wealth to philanthropy at such a young age will not only benefit people from around the world for decades to come, it will also set an example for everyone in his generation who has the means to give. The traditional approach to giving – leaving it to old age or death – is falling by the wayside, as it should. Mark’s decision shows that when it comes to philanthropy, 30 is the new 70. I share many of Mark’s philanthropic interests, especially around education and innovation, and his focus on long-term ideas and research will help create economic opportunities and promote social equality for generations to come. The only question now is: How many of his peers in Silicon Valley and beyond will join him?