Millennials, Money and Investing

The Future Begins Today
Feb 2, 2017 9:05 AM ET

Introduction by Guest Editor, Ms. Rianka Dorsainvil, CFP and Founder of the financial firm, Your Greatest Contribution

There is much debate about the millennial generation. Some of our predecessors call us lazy and coddled, while others accuse us of being entitled. While we certainly dispute those characterizations, what is not up for debate is our desire to leave the world a better place. We are civic-minded, entrepreneurial spirited and open to learn from those who do not look or think like us. In this special February 2017 issue of GreenMoney Journal, you will hear from five Millennials who are in various stages of their careers: two who have ventured out on their own to make an impact in their own special way, and three who choose the corporate path. Each writer brings a unique lens on what it means to make a sustainable impact.

Mr. Gabriel Anderson, founder of Crafted Wealth Management, a Venice, CA based virtual Wealth Management firm takes us down the path of asking the tough questions around planning for your financial future; Ms. Najada Kumbuli, Officer, Strategic Initiatives at Calvert Foundation, explores how energy poverty is interlinked with gender equality and women’s righs issues; Dr. Daniel Crosby, President of Nocturne Capital and New York Times bestselling author, gives us his twist on behavioral finance and ESG; and Ms. Sean Tennerson, Program Officer at The Case Foundation, shares how education and data can inspire change. Mr. Pat Miguel Tomaino, Associate Director of Socially Responsible Investing at Zevin Asset Managment, tells us on how Millennials are going to remake Socially Responsible Investing.

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