Next Generation of Architects Designing Zero Energy Housing Prototypes

Georgia Tech students participate in Zero Energy Housing Studio
Dec 2, 2015 4:00 PM ET

Every semester at the Georgia Institute of Technology, a new group of students participate in the Zero Energy Housing Studio to design, engineer and student-build a 4 to 10 unit Zero Energy Housing Prototype. The prototype will become a living laboratory to test energy efficiency and materials and a demonstration model for market rate, status quo urban housing. Led by Associate Professor of Architecture Michael Gamble, the students aim to create actionable solutions for humane, smartly designed, ultra low-energy and cost-effective urban housing to educate the public via research in the area of energy and design, material and spatial innovation, and community-based participatory design. Clara Winston, Madona Cumar, and Nick Coffee, student who completed the program, share their insights, take-aways and future plans. Read More...