ON Semiconductor Adopts Underprivileged Schools in India

Written By: Rekha Nayak, human resources manager in India and grant advisor for Asia region
Nov 20, 2020 10:35 AM ET

World Children’s Day was first established in 1954 as Universal Children's Day and is celebrated on November 20 each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide and improving children's welfare.

This is an annual day of action for children and a time for generations to come together to reimagine the type of world we want to create.

To help kids reimagine a better world, ON Semiconductor’s office in India collaborated with Youth For Seva (YFS), a nation-wide volunteering movement that inspires youth to volunteer, and provides them with meaningful opportunities to serve the community. The goal of YFS is to support schools, destitute shelters, government hospitals and other organizations in the social sector through volunteers who can help them mitigate some of their shortcomings and challenges. 

With the support of a company grant in 2019, ON Semiconductor employees and YFS renovated four schools situated in the remote villages of Basavanahalli and Madanbhavi, near the Davangere district in Karnataka. In March 2020, the schools were provided with SMART Board® interactive displays and other classroom essentials to promote children to their “Back to School” program.  

Where there were no desks or benches to sit on or a light to study under, the classrooms now feature these items so that the children can enjoy learning through technology, chairs, fans, tables and well-lit rooms, allowing for these young minds to grow. 

The improved infrastructure now speaks of a bright future for the children of the school allowing them to look forward to going to school. In a village were the education attainment levels are low among parents, these students are the first generation of school goers in their families.

According to the school headmaster, the School Development Monitoring Committee and parents are confident about the quality of education that will be provided with these new facilities. They foresee an increase in the school enrollment as well. 

“We look forward to having the students experience these new environments when they return to school so that they can actively participate in learning activities, which will help immensely with their studies,” said the school headmaster.

For more information about how ON Semiconductor supports the local communities where it has operations, visit ON Semiconductor Foundation.