ON Semiconductor Awards $100k in Grants to 10 Nonprofits Globally

Dec 19, 2019 3:20 PM ET

Part of the community impact work that ON Semiconductor supports is through its Global Corporate Giving (GCG) Program, which strategically leverages our resources, talent and efforts to support nonprofits and educational institutions.

Each year, we fund projects and programs in order to create social value and maximize our impact on communities through workplace giving and community grants. In 2018, we invested over $2 million USD to support of communities worldwide.

Our GCG Program is maintained by a network of committee members who represent each of our sites and serve as ambassadors for the program.

In Q4 2019, the team approved grant funding for the following organizations:

Organization Purpose

ACCEL, an Arizona-based charity’s mission is to provide exceptional educational, therapeutic, behavioral and vocational programs to individuals with special needs, to give them the necessary skills to learn, to work and to live successfully with dignity and independence. These funds will assist with their Assistive Technology Project, which targets K-12 students with severe autism and multiple disabilities living throughout metropolitan Phoenix as ACCEL students lack understanding of cause/effect as well as lack the ability to operate switch-controlled communication devices/educational tools. In this program, juniors and seniors in the bioscience engineering program at Phoenix Union Bioscience High School will produce at least 10 unique 3D adaptive toys, with the purchase of a 3D printer, scanner, software, etc. Also, 14 ACCEL students will work with these interns on the technology items being created and ACCEL students will demonstrate increased understanding of switch-controlled adaptive toys.  

American Heart Association (AHA)

The mission of this nationwide charity is to be a relentless force for a world of longer healthier lives. With this grant, four local Phoenix high schools will receive AHA’s CPR in Schools Kit for the 2019-2020 school year. These funds will purchase eight Kits and assist with the administrative costs for facilitating the CPR trainings and presentations. This program shares the life-saving knowledge of CPR with Arizona students, educators and their families. As of July 2019, CPR training is a graduation requirement for all high-school students in the state of Arizona (Senate Bill 1137). This Kit enables students to learn the life-saving skills of CPR in just one class period - teaching adult and child CPR and choking relief, and familiarizes students with using an automated external defibrillator (AED). The Kit also contains everything needed to train 10 to 20 students at a time, and comes in a wheeled bag, allowing for convenient movement from classroom to classroom, and easy storage. The Kit is also reusable; a single kit can teach hundreds of people how to save a life. 

Bernardusscholen Oudenaarde - Campuses Bernardusbron & Bernardustechnicum​

This grant will support a STEM project at two secondary schools in Belgium. Bernardusbron is a campus that specializes in lower secondary students and Bernardustechnicum caters to higher secondary students. Both schools have a history in STEM education and have invested in STEM labs. These materials are expensive for the schools but with this support, they will be able to increase the technical educated engineers of the next generation. The grant funds will allow them to expand their STEM design program with the purchase of a laser cutter. 

Gymnázium Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

This high school is based in the Czech Republic and these grant funds will assist them with financially to supplement educational aids for physics education with the use of modern technology. They plan to increase the number of PASCO (an innovator in science education and science lab equipment for over 50 years) laboratory sets from the current six to eight (for 16 pupils – full classroom capacity) as well as extend the offer of interest groups and competitions oriented to mathematics and physics. 

Haywire Robotics/Pocatello High School/Pocatello Education Foundation

This Idaho-based charity provides a unique extracurricular opportunity to local high school students while also working to expand the STEM opportunities. Their goal is for their students to develop self-worth, succeed academically, focus on career goals and cultivate skills related to STEM that they cannot learn in the classroom. This grant will allow them to build a new shop, assist with their preparations of participating in FIRST Robotics Competitions, buy materials and equipment needed to build the team robot and provide team transportation/lodging at the yearly competition.  

Natural Restorations

This Arizona-based charity’s mission is to remove trash, graffiti and anything foreign to the environment from outdoor recreation and wilderness areas while enriching the lives of military veterans and other community members. They address community needs by tackling the long-standing issues of littering, illegal dumping, etc. Funding this project will improve outdoor recreation and wilderness areas through trash and graffiti removal, while utilizing veterans and their families by providing contract work on their team. This grant will assist with a volunteer clean-up event for the community at Bartlett Lake in the Bartlett Flats area and underwrite the costs of the labor. 

Netaji Foundation

Employees in India will adopt an underprivileged school in Kurudi. This school is 100 years old and struggling to stay open with its poor facilities, unskilled teachers and high drop-out rates. There are 200 students in lower and higher primary, and 60 students in pre-primary. With these funds, the school will be able to add new room flooring, conduct roofing work as well as repair windows, walls and toilets, etc.

Treasures 4 Teachers (T4T)

Treasures 4 Teachers (T4T), based in Arizona, has a mission is to provide free and low-cost supplies to teachers from the community's reusable resources including Arizona teachers interested in incorporating more STEM concepts into their classrooms. These teachers typically face an additional financial burden because their students are often unable to afford the basic supplies they need in the classroom. T4T also offers free, high-quality professional development to increase STEM learning in the classroom. In an effort to address the needs of the current education climate, they introduced a new STEAM series was implemented over the past year. STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Math) education is a continuing area of focus for Arizona teachers, and the added “Arts” element allows students to incorporate creativity. These workshops cover a wide range of topics as well as targeting multiple age/grade levels. Currently, there are eight topics available for two different age groups. The following workshops are designed for kindergarten through third grade: STEAM and English Language Arts Integration; STEAM Math Integration; STEAM Around the World; and Makerspace Junior. For fourth though twelfth graders, they offer: Makerspace Integration; Project Based Learning Making it Possible; STEAM Through History; and Designing by Disaster. With this grant, 10 STEAM workshops will be taught to 300 teachers.

University of Idaho Foundation (College of Engineering)

The University of Idaho Foundation (and its College of Engineering), shapes the future through innovative thinking, community engagement and a transformative education. Their College of Engineering’s Design EXPO is the longest running showcase of undergraduate engineering innovation in the Pacific Northwest. The program welcomes students from grades K-12, exposing them to innovative projects and the inspiring pillars of an engineering education, with focus on rural area schools, that wouldn't have access to such enriching experiences any other way. In 2019, the College hosted 830+ students from across the state. This grant will help off-set the costs associated with bringing in more students from rural schools, with a focus on schools in underserved communities in Southern Idaho. While the event includes the senior capstone presentations for engineering students, the event is also tailored to introduce K-12 and community college students to the outcomes of an education in engineering - including campus and facility tours, hands-on experiments and activities and presentations/speakers.  

ZeroWaste Switzerland

ZeroWaste Switzerland’s mission to raise awareness and accompany the population in significant reduction of waste by informing about problems connected to waste, by motivating the change of consumers’ habits and by the implementation of a zero-waste approach as well as favoring a legislation for the reduction of producing waste in Switzerland. The children attending public schools in Romandie need to have more eco-friendly behaviors as ecology is not taught in Switzerland so therefore, an external intervention is necessary. With these funds, ZeroWaste will develop and test an educational kit for children, which will consist of different reference documents, games, creative workshops as well as “discovery sheets” - serving as a base for teachers to introduce children to zero-waste concepts in the classroom.

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