ON Semiconductor’s Actions to Mitigate Climate Change

by Theresa Haywood-McCarley, senior director, corporate social responsibility
Sep 30, 2020 5:55 PM ET

There are many terms describing solutions to climate-related changes and many people are talking about them: circular economy, renewable energy, individual sustainable actions, packaging reuse and recycling, reducing carbon footprint, managing water stressed environments… and the list goes on. Whether natural occurrence or man-made, it is clear there are some changes to our habitat occurring that we must address and ON Semiconductor is taking action.

We’ve made a commitment to address climate changes internally, through our operations and employees, and to help our customers manage their climate-related activities. We’ve made a commitment through our Climate Change Policy and through our actions to help make the world a better place for future generations.

We are a signatory of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact and are addressing one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SDG 13: Climate Action, through our environmental conservation programs. We are focused on reducing our carbon footprint and improving the energy efficiency (electricity and fuel) of our company’s operations. Our enterprise risk management and business continuity programs also consider and address certain risks associated with climate change and the associated impacts to our organization, operations, employees, stakeholders, society at-large and strategic business objectives. 

Our company’s mission is to create energy efficient semiconductors to help make the world greener, safer, inclusive and connected. From longer battery life, using our best-in-class energy efficiency, solutions from ON Semiconductor enable the creation of long battery life Internet of Things (IoT) devices to our automotive devices for vehicle electrification and automotive power management, we are helping our customers and their consumers manage their contribution to climate change.

As our Climate Change Policy notes we also challenge and educate our employees on sustainable living activities they can do in their personal lives. Through our actions and practices we, individually, can also make an impact on climate change.

We believe through the investments we are making now and those we will make in our future product designs, we are fulfilling our company mission to make the world greener. ON Semiconductor is committed to meeting this challenge.

To learn more about our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and what ON Semiconductor is doing to mitigate climate change, read our 2019 CSR Report.