Pfizer Releases 2017 Annual Review

Mar 15, 2018 2:00 PM ET

Pfizer released its 2017 Annual Review, which highlights how The Power of Science drives every aspect of Pfizer’s business in its mission to deliver innovative medicines and vaccines that help improve health and well-being at every stage of life.

This year’s integrated report uses the lens of our colleagues to illustrate how The Power of Science inspires the work they do every day. Highlights include:

  • A firsthand perspective on the multifaceted approach Pfizer is taking to help prevent and treat antimicrobial resistance (AMR). AMR is raising concerns of life-threatening infections that are difficult to treat.
  • A spotlight on the exciting and potentially transformative field of gene therapy, which seeks to address the root cause of disease caused by genetic mutations.
  • Advances in Pfizer’s oncology pipeline, including immuno-oncology, which harnesses the natural ability of the body’s immune system to recognize and fight cancer.
  • Innovative partnerships, which allow Pfizer to find new solutions to eliminate access barriers to health care in developing countries.

Learn more about how The Power of Science drives our business and our colleagues to help improve lives in our 2017 Annual Review at