Putting the Freeze on Energy Use at Crown Center Ice Terrace

Jan 3, 2019 10:00 AM ET

The weather from November through March can often fluctuate, but the ice at the Crown Center Ice Terrace always has to be kept at 23 degrees Fahrenheit — no matter if the temperatures outside are in the teens or the seventies.

So when the 20-year-old equipment that creates the ice started showing its age during the 2016-2017 season, the Crown Center team had a tight timeline to accomplish the renovation project.

“It’s a centerpiece of downtown Kansas City’s holiday and winter entertainment so we have to get it right, and we have to open in early November,” said Nathan Guffey, vice president, corporate facilities and real estate, Crown Center.

Crown Center made a significant investment to replace all of the mechanical equipment that cools the surface and creates the ice. The team started the work in March 2017 and had eight months to tear out the old equipment, install the new system and test it to make sure the ice would be ready for opening day.

With 80,000 skaters visiting each season, the Ice Terrace provides outdoor activity and vibrancy for the complex throughout the winter months.

By switching to an environmentally friendly refrigerant and equipment that uses a lower refrigerant charge, the new Ice Terrace system requires much less energy to operate. And that’s something to kick up your skates about.

In its first season, the new Ice Terrace equipment used 25% fewer kilowatt hours and will save approximately $9,000 annually.

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