Alternative Fuels

UPS Has Set Lofty Goals

UPS has set some lofty goals. One of them is to have 25 percent of the electricity it uses come from renewable energy sources by 2025. In 2016, only 0.2 percent came from renewable sources.

New Hydrogen Powered Yacht Concept Finds Its Roots in Cold War Designs

The development of green transportation on the sea is a fairly interesting one when one takes a moment to look at it. The earliest methods of sailing were accomplished using “green” technology in the form of sails that caught the wind, while many of today’s designs are focused on using the sun or alternative fuels to achieve propulsion.

Lufthansa Will Offer a Local Biofuel Powered Flight in 2011

One of the most difficult areas for the development of green transportation so far has to be the aviation industry. Some examples of success do exist in that area when you consider that the United States Navy has had some success when it comes to flying a biofuel powered test fighter and a partially biofuel powered passenger airliner was flown back in 2008 by Virgin Atlantic.

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