Carbon Tax

Actually, Small Business Owners Do Want a Climate Bill

A new poll suggests small business owners see benefits in clean energy and climate legislation, and want it to pass.

Climate Change Negotiations Has a Fresh Face to Lead

Will climate change negotiations head in a new direction with the new UNFCCC Secretary?

World People's Conference on Climate Change: An Alternative to Copenhagen and Cancun?

The World People's Conference on Climate Change gives a voice to the people who will be most affected by climate change

The World's Green Stimulus and the Future of the Green Economy

When the markets collapsed, nations struggled with stimulus money. Many heralded a new green economy, but ...

EPA Issues New Report on Climate Change

facts on global warming, effects of climate change, causes of climate change

Is Lindsey Graham Scuttling the Senate Climate Bill a Bad Thing?

Lindsey Graham might be bailing on the "tripartisan" Senate climate bill. Is that such a bad thing?

Climate Change Vocabulary: Adaptation Versus Mitigation

The first in a series of posts about the vocabulary of climate change.

New CSR Report: Doing Climate Change Business Better

BSR has released a new report showing how businesses can be (and are) doing better regarding climate change.

What is Carbon Cap and Trade? In the US? In Europe? Part 2

What is carbon cap and trade in the US? A history, pros and cons, comparison to carbon tax. Part 2 of a series.


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