Carbon Tax

What is Carbon Cap and Trade? In Europe? In the US? Part 1

Cap and Trade, what is it? Who started it? Europe or the US (The answer will surprise you.)

CCS, Carbon Capture and Storage: Two Processes for the Future of Carbon Emissions?

The two processes of CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage), where the technology is now, and where it will be in 20 years.

Good COP, Bad COP?

The results are in for the Copenhagen Accord. Is it a keeper? Or are local governments better positioned?

A Question for the 21st Century

What is climate change anyways?

Cap and Trade and Massachusetts

So Massachusetts brought the sky down on the Democratic majority in the US Senate. And a body that was at best dysfunctional is now considered non-functional. The gloom-and-doomers are writing the obituary for a cap and trade system in the US. Well, cowboy up! I don’t think we should write it off so easily.

Cap and Trade and Populism

Here's how to get around resistance to cap-and-trade legislation in the US Congress.

COP15 Bursting at the Seams

It’s the end of the first week at COP15 in Copenhagen and there seems to be never a dull moment in endeavouring

UK Policy: Nuclear Power Plants a Climate Change Strategy

The UK's nuclear proposal to cause fighting, but who's the real enemy?

Tribes in India to Heal Nature

Tribes can help combat climate change with traditional knowledge of adapting to changes in the environment.

Methane to Cause More Global Warming than CO2

As compared to carbon dioxide, Methane is also a dangerous green house gas that is causing climate change.


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