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Caveat Venditor: Armed with Companies' Climate Scores, Consumers Wield Influence

Climate Counts has a simple, yet powerful message: "Everyday consumers can be the most important activists in the fight against global warming." And now, with their new open API, developers can get in on the action

In Wake of Important Climate Change Study, Analyzing an Instance of Big Oil's Misinformation Campaign

One of the world's leading climatologists published a study this week that proves the increase in "extreme weather events" in recent years cannot be statistically attributed to anything other than anthropogenic climate change.

Two New Partnerships to Track Companies' Supply Chain Sustainability

This week saw the announcement of two new partnerships that promise to improve our ability to track the sustainability of companies' supply chains.

2020 Sustainability Goals Shed Little Light on Companies’ Climate Change Progress

"2020 sustainability goals" seem to be all the rage these days. Last week, Weyerhaeuser became the latest in a seemingly endless procession of companies to tout the "great strides" it’s made toward 2020 sustainability goals.

Amidst Changing Weather, Zurich Commits to Responsible Investment

The largest foreign insurer in the United States prepares for climate change and signs Principles for Responsible Investment†

Stairway to Sustainability: Defining the New Economy in the Age of Austerity

A recent conference organized by the New Economics Institute asked two questions: What does a sustainable economy look like? How do we get there? Answering them is a matter of some urgency—and opportunity

Funding the Global Warming Ceiling: An Urgent Call for Sustainable Finance

Keeping the global 21st-century temperature rise under 2 degrees Celsius will require massive sustainable investments from the public and private sectors

World's Largest Development Banks to Invest $175 Billion in Sustainable Transport

By 2050, there will be more than 9 billion people on the planet. And most of them will be driving cars. That's not a good thing

New Jersey and RGGI, Perfect Together: Too Bad Governor Christie Doesn't Think So

The New Jersey governor has unilaterally pulled out of the region's cap-and-trade program. Now two environmental groups are suing him

Carbon for Water: A New Sustainable Finance Model Saves Lives and the Environment

An innovative carbon finance scheme tackles several issues at once: climate change, deforestation, poverty, disease and lack of clean water


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