Energy Efficiency

Eastbound and Down

The New York Times' Paywall Costly to the Environment

The New York Times is instituting a paywall for their content.  It is not news that journalism is having difficulty profiting in the modern online media world.  Embracing the moment, The New York Times is available online and via apps for a variety of devices including iPad and iPhone.*

Pavegen Steps Ahead

We all know that walking is one of the most, if not the most, environmentally friendly means of transportation.  What if you could help power the world around you just by walking?  If you are picturing yourself like a hamster on a wheel you’ve got the wrong idea.

Beer Brewing Bonus: Biofuel

If you’ve been searching for an environmentally friendly excuse to head to the pub for a pint, a group of scientists from Cornell University may be able to help.  The scientists looked at over 400,000 gene sequences from brewery wastewater.  Uncovered, were the genes of the microbes best suited to converting the wastewater into biofuel.


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