Energy Efficiency

TVA to Close Coal Plants, Cut Carbon Emissions

A plan to retire 1000 megawatts of coal power in the next five years is an encouraging sign of things to come.

Energy Efficiency: A Difficult Sell?

Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, recessed lighting, one power-strip to run TV, Internet, and cable on, not leaving anything on when not in use!  Those are some of the things consumers are told energy efficiency is all about. Simply put, it means to use less energy. Although energy efficiency seems simple enough, it also seems to be a tough sell as the rhetoric often does not emulate what many individuals do on a daily basis.

Introducing PACE - The Ultimate Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Financing Option

PACE - Property Assessed Clean Energy is a financing model that has the potential to vastly increase renewable energy

Energy Visions and Visionary Energy: Carbon Free and Nuclear Free's Roadmapping Service

While synopsizing monumental and intricate work will always miss things, this review essay attempts just this for CFNF.

Have We Entered an Oil Peak Period?

"it has been concluded after studying the ability of producing Crude Oil in 47 oil producing countries that the peak oil period is nearing and will be reached at the latest by 2014,"

Any State Can Do It: Decoupling Utility Profits from Energy Demand

What if I told you that we already have the tools we need to reduce our nation’s electric and natural gas energy consumption in hand, and that those tools reside, not with the Federal Government, but with each State. Wouldn’t that be something? And in many places it doesn’t even require legislation.


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