Green Branding

Pantene Releases Shampoo Bottles Made From Sugar

Pantene is making some of their shampoo bottles more sustainable by using plant-based plastic.

Popular Online Florists Now Offer Fair Trade Flowers

Cut flowers often come from farms that abuse and underpay workers, but FTD and 1-800-FLOWERS may help change that.

Greenpeace Names Groceries That Sell Sustainable Seafood

Greenpeace has released the new 2011 Supermarket Score Card, evaluating which supermarkets support sustainable seafood.

Evian's New Water Bottle Contains Recycled Plastic

Evian's new bottled water design includes recycled plastic, but bottled water critics may not be impressed.

The Modern Pepsi Vs Coke Debate: Which Is Greener?

The cola wars between Pepsi and Coca Cola take on sustainability issues in the Battle of the Plant-based Bottles.

Sustainable Packaging Videos Demand Biodegradable Lip Balm Tubes, Egg Cartons and More

Winners of the Sustainable Packaging Challenge, sponsored by pkg Industries, ask companies to use ecofriendly packaging

A Smartphone App To Help End Child Labor

Want to buy products not made with slave labor? There's an app for that.

Adidas Aims for Sustainable Cotton

Adidas plans to source all of its cotton from sustainable sources by 2018.

Plastic Made From Plants: PepsiCo Announces New Green Bottle

PepsiCo's new green plastic bottles will be made from completely plant-based material.

NASA Technology Helps Odwalla Reduce Carbon Footprint

Odwalla is using an innovative fuel cell technology to power its packaging plant.


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