Social Media Trends: Mobile Gaming is No Longer a Man's World

A variety of social media surveys shows new trends in mobile gaming.

Technology Giving UK Shoppers the App to be Ethical

New technology via an app on your mobile phone allows UK shoppers to get real-time advice on the ethical status of good

Technology is Changing US Prison Life

An inmate at a Georgia state prison ticks off the remaining days of his three-year sentence on his Facebook page...

New iPhone App Helps Consumers Find Ethically Sourced Seafood

A new feature of the Seafood Watch iPhone app allows users to list local businesses that sell sustainable seafood.

Twitter and Glee Creating a New Social Media Trend

Glee has captured the attention of Twitter world and its popularity has had an impact on Twitter and TV.

Technology: I Give You The Glif

Two New York friends took their simple concept and turned it into something credible and real.

Technology: Finding Love The Facebook Way

The lonely hearts brigade is turning to AreYouInterested.com; a dating application on Facebook and an app to find love.

Technology: Brits Didn't Go Off-Line This Xmas

Britons were engaged with technology rather than being under the mistletoe this Christmas gone.

2010 Web 2.0 Recap Part 5: Apple

Was 2010 the year of the iPad?

Technology: Games for Good

Exploring why so many people are playing games in the virtual world; now experts are asking other types of questions...


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