Technology: Apps To Get You Out Of The Airport

A few travel apps for smartphones to hopefully help you fly!

Square A Clever Bit Of Technology

Dorsey has strong confidence in Square and believes that this payment system suits the US business community.

Technology:Gaming Predictions

Hottest action in gaming and most innovative industry developments are happening outside the shelves of our game shops

Technology & Gamification

I have become smitten with the whole idea of gamification and how it will filter into other sectors.

M-Pesa Mobile Technology

Kenya is leading the way with innovative mobile phone technology; its changing lives.

Getting Organized with Web 2.0 Application Evernote

Need a tool for data capture? Nothing comes close to beating Evernote.

Get Organized With Web 2.0 Service WorkFlowy

Ready for an easy to use list making tool? WorkFlowy gets the job done.

Social Media Trends: Peace Activists Create iPhone App For The West Bank

Peace activists have created an iPhone and iPad app, which downloads and updates a map showing Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories

Social Media Twitter King Stephen Fry Publishes His Latest Book With An App

Stephen Fry publishes his latest book, The Fry Chronicles as an eBook, a hardback novel & an iPhone app

What Makes Us Happy?- Mappiness Launches in the UK

Mappiness a new free iPhone app launches to track the UK's happiness across space and time


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