American Apparel Founder Dov Charney Faces $250 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit

American Apparel founder Dov Charney has been slapped with a $250 million lawsuit for sexual assault and confinement!

Battle In Wisconsin: Protesters Locked In Defiant Capital

Is Governor Walker an idealist threatening to end collective bargaining power, or a strong leader making tough choices?

Price Tags and Protests: Responsible Business 101

All products in Michigan stores, from baby food jars to bags of frozen vegetables, have price tags attached to them.

The Year of the Rabbit: Predicting China's Economy in the New Year

At the end of 2010, Chinese GDP growth was at 10.3% and inflation jumped to 4.6%. What does 2011 hold?

Following the Herd: Should SRI Investors Join the Stampede into ETFs?

The National Stock Exchange recently announced that assets invested in ETFs surpassed the $1 trillion mark for the first time in December 2010.  This is more than triple the amount invested in 2005 ($311.3 billion).

CSR and Reporting Non-Financial Performance

The European Commission has just closed a public consultation on non-financial disclosure by companies.

Volvo Launches Aggressive Chinese Expansion

Swedish construction equipment provider Volvo is planning to invest more than $100 million in China!

New International Wind Farm Projects Attract Significant Investment

The Government of China, Acciona Energy, and the EAB Group, have all announced new wind farm energy projects!

Flash Forward: A Review Of 5 New Renewable Energy Projects

The first half of November 2010 saw nearly US$3.5 billion invested in new renewable energy projects!

Building For The Future: Shell And PetroChina Forge An Ambitious New Partnership

Shell and PetroChina are planning to spend over $60 billion on foreign acquisitions over the next 5 years!


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