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Technology: Finding Love The Facebook Way

The lonely hearts brigade is turning to; a dating application on Facebook and an app to find love.

Technology: How the World Lives On-line

TNS Digital Life report is the largest ever global research project into people's online activities...

Social Media Events: Off-line With Bernie Mitchell

Bernie Mitchell is unassuming, an intuitive thinker, a man careful with his words who immediately understands people...

Google’s Social Identity Crisis: I Google, Therefore I am?

I ‘googled’ the line above by Descartes which I verily butchered before beginning my rant to ensure I had my source right. For many of us, Google is a necessity- from the search of the most mundane of topics to tackling some of the most important issues, we “google,” and we find.

News isn't Funny Business

News travels a bit too fast these days. Ashton Kutcher, whom I proudly follow on Twitter, mentioned something about Wyclef Jean announcing his candidacy for president of earthquake-ravaged Haiti this afternoon. Well, that brought memories of a few months back. No, not of Ashton Kutcher’s. He doesn’t follow me yet, let alone knows I exist. Pause, for sadness.

Let's friend each other!

Well, here we are, by some effortless subconscious activity and series of steps that led us to be communicating over this forum. I take pleasure in the simple elegance of the social media networking process and shall be your resource in this domain, here at Justmeans. Ask, and I shall seek for you. Together, we’ll make it worth its while!

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