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Web 2.0 New Way for Advertising: - a crowd funding platform that funds advertising and media campaigns that carry a social message.

Web 2.0: UK Government Looking for a Director of Digital

UK Government sets out to hire a ‘Twitter Tsar’ with an annual salary of £142,000...

Technology Now Playing a Role in the Indian Bachelor's Life

Single Indian men a chance to choose their ‘virtual wife’ from a list of characters...

Celebrities Embrace Web 2.0 and Twitter

Celebrities have embraced social media like Twitter, making it easy for fans to establish a connection with them.

Do Our Politicians Have too Much Power Over Web 2.0

Can governments in other countries like the UK pull the plug and disconnect?

Social Media Trends: Crowdfunding Making Dreams Come Through

Crowdfunding provides alternative sources of cash for start-ups & innovation.

Web 2.0: My Parents Have Named Me Facebook; It Means Freedom

An Egyptian man has decided to call his newborn daughter Facebook.

A Story of Kidnap and the Influence of Web 2.0 in China

A story of power; the beginnings of empowerment of the Chinese people...

Egypt's Web 2.0 Uprising Today: Let's Play Our Part

Al Jazeera is urging the country's citizens to use blogs, social media, videos to show the world what is happening...

Web 2.0 'Clicktivism' for Social Good with Avaaz

Web 2.0 has given rise to internet campaigning that has shown what kind of world community is possible to create change


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