Sustainable Architects

Beyond the MDGs- who's watching?

The much discussed MDG framework will end in 2015. What should replace it? And do the people whom it effects care?

Cleaning up your own house - when?

International development organisations need to work on cleaning up their own organisations for renewal.

Biomimicry in Action: African Termites Inspire a Green Building

The Eastgate Center in Harare, Zim is a canonical example of biomimetic architecture.

Forget me not

In the search for value for money, we risk loosing the 'human dimension' which is more about connection than efficency

A veritable spectrum of green building

What do “Light,” “Dark,” and “Bright” Green mean for architecture?

Sustainable Design: inspired by nature and made out of...plastic?

Nathaniel Corum discusses his design for the cabin on the Plastiki, inspired by nature and made from srPET.

African Sustainable Development: Invest in Adult Education

African sustainable development is entirely possible, despite the prevalance of doubters. But it will need to invest in knowledge of all kinds - especially in adult education.

If you don’t already know about the Plastiki, you should read this

Why? Because it's a boat made from 12,500 plastic bottles sailing from San Fran to Sydney and because it’s really cool!

Behavior Change in Sustainable Development – Part I: The Ban

How do we integrate behavioral change into sustainable development?


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