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The Growth of Business through Corporate Social Responsibility

<p>It's not secret that companies are coming under increasing pressure from governments, advocacy groups, investors, prospective employees, and consumers to make their operations, products and services more socially responsible, particularly regarding the environment but also on a range of issues from labor practices to financial transparency to product safety.<br /&gt

The Petroleum of the 21st Century: Water

<p><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; "><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-size: small;">The powers that be are waking up to the fact that the world is running out of fresh water.&nbsp;</span></span></p>

A VC on green tech

<p>Technology created the problem of high atmospheric carbon and the threat of global warming. Can technology also provide the solution?<br /> <br /> The short answer is yes. But the more subtle answer is: only if we pursue the right technologies.</p>

Solar Thermal Heating Works Even In Cold Climes

<p>Most of the attention paid toward solar energy these days is on photovoltaic technology, harnessing the sun to make electricity. It has been used on satellites for decades so the potential for adding it to our rooftops is alluring, albeit still grossly inefficient.</p>

Aerospace Goes Green?

<p>Today's <a href=";oref=sl...">NYT</a> Business Section features a report from the Farnborough Air Show, a week-long aerospace industry extravaganza, citing that sustainability is a key theme in this year's show.

A New Medium for Change

<p>I have been working on the technology side of JustMeans for over seventh months.

Unleashing the Power of Waves

Alla Weinstein, a renewable energy entrepreneur, discusses AquaBuOY, a technology that converts energy from waves.

Another Piece to the Microfinance Puzzle

<p>This is my first post, so I want to start by saying a bit about who I am, and why I&rsquo;m writing this.&nbsp;Second, I want to describe a looming puzzle about microfinance.

Opportunities in Outsourcing Ripe for SMEs

<p class="MsoNormal">As corporate competition rises companies are constantly looking for solutions to increase efficiency at manageable costs.<span> </span>Several companies have discovered that outsourcing certain operations of their business has provided these solutions and allowed them to leverage their competitive edge.<span> </span>The idea behind it is to outsource secondary operations that are not core skill areas of your company.<span> </span>This effectively allows your staff to focus on key, income generating areas of operations.<span&


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