The Royal Web 2.0 Wedding Sealed with a Kiss

The royal wedding is now the sixth biggest event in internet history...

Technology Changing the UK's Advertising Landscape

Is there a risk that Google will overtake ITV as the biggest source of UK advertising?

Web 2.0 New Way for Advertising: - a crowd funding platform that funds advertising and media campaigns that carry a social message.

Web 2.0: UK Government Looking for a Director of Digital

UK Government sets out to hire a ‘Twitter Tsar’ with an annual salary of £142,000...

Social Media Trends: First British Royal Wedding of the Digital Era

On 29 April 2011 when Prince William marries Kate Middleton the day will be captured, celebrated and observed by a series of social media firsts.

China Uses Technology to Track its People

China announces it will track every mobile phone user in Beijing, that’s 17 million cellphone users.

Technology Bringing Advertising to Virtual Life

Technology could one day create a revolution in advertising; bringing it to virtual life...

Unique Web 2.0 Competition for a French House

A British couple are using web 2.0 to help them return urgently to the UK to look after their elderly mothers

Technology Now Playing a Role in the Indian Bachelor's Life

Single Indian men a chance to choose their ‘virtual wife’ from a list of characters...

Scientific and Technology Revolution is Sweeping India

‘Geek Nation’ is Saini’s year long tour of India to see if India is creating a scientific and technology revolution


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