Web 2.0: Where is Miriam?

While the people’s revolution is still unfolding in Libya, web 2.0 is still playing a role in more ways than one...

Social Media Trends: LetsLunch

Some of the best business deals have been done over lunch, so here comes new start-up LetsLunch.

Technology Giving UK Shoppers the App to be Ethical

New technology via an app on your mobile phone allows UK shoppers to get real-time advice on the ethical status of good

Web 2.0: My Parents Have Named Me Facebook; It Means Freedom

An Egyptian man has decided to call his newborn daughter Facebook.

A Story of Kidnap and the Influence of Web 2.0 in China

A story of power; the beginnings of empowerment of the Chinese people...

Web 2.0 Community More Likely to be Do-Gooders

The web 2.0 community is more likely to be a bunch of do-gooders says a recent report.

Technology is Changing US Prison Life

An inmate at a Georgia state prison ticks off the remaining days of his three-year sentence on his Facebook page...

Special Web 2.0 Mission Celebrating Bob Marley’s Birthday: 1 Drop of Water for 1Love

1 Drop of Water for 1Love to create a virtual stream of water to stretch around the world to benefit charity: water...

Twitter’s San Francisco Shenanigans

Either Twitter is terrible at blackmailing, or something else is going on.

Egypt: Is Facebook and Technology Becoming a Political Tool?

Facebook boasts 5 million users in Egypt; whether it likes it or not it has been thrust into a political arena...


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