2010 Web 2.0 Recap Part 2: Twitter

A look at the growth of Twitter in 2010.

Technology & Love

Love has most certainly has been in the air or should I say on Twitter, which feeds nearly 95 million tweets a day...

China Going Social

China launches a state-sponsored social media trends service similar to Twitter called Red Microblog...

Square A Clever Bit Of Technology

Dorsey has strong confidence in Square and believes that this payment system suits the US business community.

Social Media Trends: Where does your business fit?

Looking at how businesses use social media and what these trends implicate.

Health 2.0 Company Launch Review Part 5

Read about some of the small companies launched at Health 2.0 SF.

Twitter's "Airport Joker" headed to High Court

Quite recently, the hashtag #I am Spartacus spread as a mini-revolution on Twitter sparking a debate about whether the principles of free speech applied to social media. Paul Chambers for whom Twitter users showed their support and protested was

Social Media Trends: Curation

Looking at how the behavior of consumers should influence businesses marketing strategy in the coming year.

Social Media Trends: Having a social media policy

Looking at how social media and social media trends are affecting employee policies and behavior in the workplace.

Technology: A Lot Rides On A Name

Twitter is now the most used word in English, Obama a close second. So, how did Twitter come up with its catchy name?


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