Social Media Trends: Loyalty Cards

Looking at the social media trend, similar to mobility, of digital loyalty and membership cards.

Technology: The Queen on Facebook...No poking!

The Queen will be permanently gracing Facebook when Buckingham Palace launched its page on 8 November 2010

Social Media Trends: Tweet-outs

Looking at Twitter and its implications for marketing strategy: @earlybird.

Social Media Trends: Mob Mentality

Looking at the social media trend of group buying and how it has evolved to give the world such sites as Groupon.

Survey Shows UK Charities Not Making The Most Of Social Media Trends

UK charities are not using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to engage with the public.

Social Media Trends: Blog Followers

Examining how the social media trends promoting visual stimuli affect the world of blogging.

Social Media Trend Allows UK Dialects To Flourish

Experts say the increased speed at which we now communicate on the web means we're likely to lapse into colloquialisms.

Social Media Trends: Competition

Examining the affect of competition in the social media world, specifically that of video sharing.

Social Media Trends: Twitter-pated

Although Twitter may be popular, it's many applications might start to be becoming redundant:

Social Media Trends: Picture Sharing

A popular social media trend is uploading photos. is a photo sharing social media site


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