Social Media Trends: Introducing You To World Of Phweeters

Phweeters, is fast becoming a cool social media trend, where a fake Twitter account tweets the ramblings of celebrities

This National Mammography Day, Make a Mammogram Promise

If you haven’t already shown your support to the breast cancer cause this month, there is a way to do so. I know things got a little rough last week when I spoke out loud against the “I like it on” meme that spread over social media. But then, something wonderful happened over social media.

Do Tea and Twitter Mix? An Interview Regarding Social Media Trends with ESP Emporium

One of the worlds largest online tea outlets is very active in social media. They talked to us about their methods.

Social media trends: Baby Boomers

Considering the social media trend of niche marketing and the options for Baby boomers it produces:

Web 2.0: Find the Latest and Greatest Twitter Apps at oneforty

A quick look at the site oneforty and its mission to organize and promote Twitter applications.

Social Media: New Businesses

How can social media aid newer, less established businesses in their growth:

Technology: UK Social Media Mums Say No To Government

UK Mums using the digital airways to fight back against the governments plans to cut Child Benefit.

History via Social Media: Ask America Road Trip

We just talked about how Ask America is an ingenious effort by Yahoo! to get public opinion by ways of a social media platform. However, Ask America is doing a little more than asking you to participate and speak out your mind on a website.

Social Media's shortcomings

Is social media really the way to effective change? Is all the effort towards effective social media use worth it?

Top 3 Lists: Social Media Peeves

Why is that we fall for lists each time we see the cover of a magazine or a ‘news-y’ website: “Top 5 ways you can change your life today,” “Six things you didn’t know he wants,” “ Fall must-have fashion accessories,” and so it goes? People love being told what to do and how to do it.


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