Media Madness: Webcast of Private Sexual Encounter Results In Suicide

Tyler Clementi took his own life after his roommate streamed live video of him having an encounter with another male.

Must Read: 2010 Study Of Social Media Trends & Journalism

Online European research conducted by Cision Media Research looks at social media trends within the media industry...

Social Media Etiquette

Discussing perhaps the most important aspect of social media: manners and how to behave online!

Twitter Not So Conversational

As more and more people are jumping on the social media bandwagon, more research is being done to study its effects on both users and society in general. Recently, we discovered that celebrities can tweet all they want but it is the experts people listen to.

Get out of the cloud of confusion with Klout: Understanding Social Media

Taking a look at one more Internet Start-up that can help business utilize social media and understand its feedbac.

To Celebrities, Twitter’s No-Nonsense Policy Applies

Twitter is all about saying the right thing at the right time- minus the nonsense. Despite their popularity, celebrities might just not be doing so for their followers (Oh Ashton, I feel for you!). With an “all you can say in 140 characters policy” and being only four years old, Twitter has become one of the most popular social networking sites with 145 million users and an average of 90 million tweets per day.

Social Media Trends: Twitter and Analytics

Twitter has announced that it will be releasing an analytics dashboard. The news is both positive and negative.

Making Social Media: Part 2

2nd in a series looking at social media creation, with a focus on

Social Media Trends Resurrects Sir Winston Churchill From Beyond The Grave

Sir Winston Churchill is competing with Britney Spears, Lady Gaga & Stephen Fry For Twitter Supremacy

Social Media Trends & The UN's Summit 20-22 September

What role can social media trends play in helping to eradicate global poverty; is it time for the UN to be engaged?


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