Social Media Events: Social Good Summit in New York on September 20th

An overview of the Social Good Summit social media event happening on September 20th in New York City.

TwitChange: Be Good and Bid on a Celebrity via Twitter

I know what it’s like to not have a celebrity follow you back (%*#!@aplusk) but why someone would pay their favourite star to do just that is something TwitChange is making happen.

Socializing with Social Media

4th in a series examining how to improve use of social media and make it effective for your business

#NewTwitter: The New Twitter is here

Why doesn’t John Mayer seem to get it together? No, we are not talking about him today but you can’t help but think of him when he makes the news by kicking his alleged addiction to Twitter a day before Twitter makes the news by announcing a newly revamped version. Call it bad timing or maybe Jen knew what she was doing that one time!

How Feeding America is Using Social Media in its Virtual Canned Food Drive

Feeding America is helping supporters run a virtual canned food drive to help feed millions of low income Americans.

Job Search with Social Media isn't just a Dream

I know I first saw it on Twitter and then, the news. Stanford kid who created YouTube Instant got an instant job offer over Twitter from YouTube CEO. Just imagine yourself being approached by the one person who can help make your dreams come true and give you that dream job! Well, you can- just use social media, intelligently.

Being social with Social media

Second in a series looking at how to improve social media use and make it effective for your business

Using Social Media...socially

First in a series of how to improve social media use and make social media work effectively in your favor

Social Media's Impact on Information

Examining the effects social media has had on the way we consume, digest and present information

Social Media's use in Breaking News

Continuing to examine the use of social medias sites like Twitter and Facebook for reporting sensitive information


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