Elderly on Social Media: Old is the New Young

A few days ago, my father expressed his interest in exploring social media on his "own." Prior to that, he ensured my sister remained logged in her Facebook account on his Blackberry in Pakistan, so he could read my status updates every now and then. It was a harmless situation and us sisters were okay with the occasional 'intrusion.' After all, I am the kid whom he doesn't get to see much of and the notion of miraculously seeing my name appear with some clever statement in a news feed was an exciting prospect for him.

1000Memories Creates a Space to Digitally Honor Departed Loved Ones

1000Memories allows users to create websites to share memories and photos of a departed loved one.

How to Measure Twitter Influence With Klout

Klout is a Twitter application that measures a users twitter use by calculating their overall influence.

Social Media Promotion

3rd in a series looking at successful and innovative uses of social media for use in bettering business.

Fashion News: The Latest Fad in Social Media

On many a blissful evening when I’m walking down Michigan Avenue (with a huge smile on my face) I stumble into my favourite retail stores. Lately, I’m beginning to observe that amongst their latest fashion collection would be the familiar innocuous logo of some social media site peering at me from between those high heels I’ve been eyeing for a while. So they’re also on Facebook I think to myself quietly.

Social Media's Mediation

Using and embracing social media in bettering business and recruiting for social change. In

A Look at the Vibrant Social Networking Community of Dailybooth

Dailybooth is a social network that's all about photos. Users share photos with friends and anybody who wants to look.

My6sense - Digital Intuition All in the Palm of Your Hand

I went to the launch of My6sense, an iPhone application and was smitten of how it cleverly uses digital intuition

News isn't Funny Business

News travels a bit too fast these days. Ashton Kutcher, whom I proudly follow on Twitter, mentioned something about Wyclef Jean announcing his candidacy for president of earthquake-ravaged Haiti this afternoon. Well, that brought memories of a few months back. No, not of Ashton Kutcher’s. He doesn’t follow me yet, let alone knows I exist. Pause, for sadness.


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