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VC Funding for Green Businesses Up by 41 Percent

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Venture Capital has a vital role to play in the promotion of innovative green companies. Traditionally, venture capitalists have been willing to put money behind cutting edge technologies emerging in fields such as renewables, biofuels, batteries, sustainable foods, and clean water. To speed the growth of promising sustainable companies, funding is the most critical requirement.

Together We Solve: Tackling Global Development Through Collaborative Social Enterprise

A new public-private collaboration unleashes the power of universities and social entrepreneurship to solve the world's most pressing developmental problems

Neue Unternehmergeist: Sustainable Finance for Innovation and a New Entrepreneurial Spirit

Somewhere between Schumpeter and Keynes is a sustainable theory of economic growth through innovation finance, involving both the public and private sectors

A Venture Capital Solution for Biodiversity Loss

The world's governments have failed to stop biodiversity loss. Can market-based initiatives fare better?

The Green Envelope Please: The 2012 FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards

"These awards recognize the key role that sustainable finance can play in creating jobs, fighting climate change, and improving access to finance." -- Lars Thunell, Executive Vice President and CEO, International Finance Corporation

Partners in Clime: Public Sector Support for Private Equity and Venture Capital Climate Solutions in Emerging Markets

"Leaders of emerging economies must ensure that they are able to attract high-quality, sustainable investment." -- Tony Blair, November 28, 2011

Just Do It, Sustainably: Nike Gets Greener with Sustainable Venture Capital Initiative

"It took us a while, but we finally figured out that we could apply these two core competencies -- design and innovation -- to bring about environmental, labor and social change." -- Mark Palmer, President and CEO, Nike, Inc.

The Almighty Peso: Sustainable Investing in Mexico

"Companies are looking for the best place to invest. It's obvious that Mexico has been that place for North America." -- Bruno Ferrari, Mexico Minister of Economy

Firing Humans, Hiring Machines: Jobs Cut As Global Robotics Market Surges

"Having billions of dollars of crops...impacted by chronic labor issues has clearly become unsustainable." -- Charles Grinnell, CEO, Harvest Automation

Veloxrotaphobia: What the Economic Roller Coaster Means for Venture Capital

"How do you get out of this roller coaster of the relentless onslaught of bad news?" -- Bruce McCain, chief investment strategist, Key Private Bank

Reacting to the Dow's lowest close in almost 8 months yesterday, Bruce McCain voiced a fear felt by many investors: veloxrotaphobia, a fear of roller coasters.


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