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Google Goes Green With Biofuel Investment

The folks at Google Ventures have been very active in the green venture capital space lately.

A New Microfinance Concept for Entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding is new term that refers to an age-old idea. Learn how to fund your start-up without a bank.

Starting Their Own Firms: Asian Executives Defect from American Companies

Several Chinese executives are defecting from American-run companies to start their own firms

VCs: Dead or Alive?

Are traditional venture capitalists the latest type of middleman being dis-intermediated by the Web?

Six New Rules for Social Enterprise Start-ups

Start-up CEOs headlining this week's Stanford Summit share six tips for getting off the ground in today's climate

LeBron & Co. Add Dangerous New Twist to Old Ploy

LeBron James, Dywane Wade and Chris Bosh collaborate to create a contender, but is it good for the game.

Echoing Green Announces Social Entrepreneurs Selected as 2010 Fellows Part 3 of 3

Individually, each social enterprise selected as a 2010 Echoing Green Fellow demonstrates initiative and innovation, channeling their passions to address formidable social challenges. Collectively, spanning four continents and half-a-dozen fields, these social entrepreneurs are the catalysts of change, paving a new way to a better future!

Echoing Green Announces Social Entrepreneurs Selected as 2010 Fellows Part 1 of 3

Late June, venture capital firms Echoing Green announced their 2010 Fellows, sixteen of the world’s preeminent emerging social entrepreneurs. Among the new members of this impressive group were not-for-profit, for-profit and hybrid organizations, which include both social sector and for-profit components, creating positive social change, providing sound solutions in the fields of human rights, health, education, energy, entertainment, activism, the environment and even expanding the social enterprise sector itself.

Fat v. Lean Startups: Which are Better?

Thin is in if you're a startup. But is all that early penny-pinching discouraging social innovation?


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