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Social Enterprise: 'Diaspora' Crowdsources $200,000

Diaspora, a pro-privacy alternative to Facebook, successfully crowdsources its goal of $200,000 in funding online

Twitter Creator Gives Advice to New Entrepreneurs

Twitter creator and Square cofounder Jack Dorsey gives 3 bits of fundraising advice to start-up entrepreneurs

For Long Run Performance Bet on Google TV

After two decades of PC/Internet TV yadayadayada Google Goes For It + sizing your tv bonus

Rating Agency Frankenstein or Performance Solution??

Franken Amendment – if you want credit ratings done right, let a public utility do them??

Goldman v World 1- Who Wins and Why?

Congress, shareholders, Cuomo, everyone piles on in wake of SEC fraud suit, but Goldman is no pushover

Banking Competition in China Heats Up

Foreign bankers are facing new obstacles from up and coming domestic rivals.

Clean tech depends on recycling performance, says UN

Specialty metals recycling key to boom in clean tech sector–is full cycle fabrication/refining key to recycling?

Newsweek – Survival via Sustainable Finance?

Newsweek is for sale – another print giant on it's deathbed, is sustainable finance a cure?

Citigroup Reinvents Banking Wheel With Communities At Work Fund

Citi rediscovers its neighborhood past, with a few complications


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