PathVis: A Smartphone-Based Platform That Fights Cholera

(3BL Media/Justmeans) –In recent years, cholera has afflicted at least 770,000 Haitians, claiming over 9,200 lives. The Haitian epidemic alone resulted in an 85 percent increase in the number of cholera cases worldwide.

Mobile Technology Helps The Fight Against Cervical Cancer In The Developing World

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Smartphones are not just changing our lives; they are saving lives. In the developing world, cervical cancer is a leading cause of death in women, where over 270,000 lose their lives annually—that’s 9 out of 10 deaths. The sad reality is that most of these deaths are preventable through simple screening. Yet, women in these places do not have access to the care they need, which is why the innovative work of MobileODT is pivotal.

Farmers In India Empowered in the Palm of Their Hands by Vodafone

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for more than 58 percent of India’s population, a country with the world's second biggest population after China. For this emerging economy to prosper, it is vital that its farming sector prospers and that benefits reach the small and marginal farmers who are very poor.

ICT Sector Can Help Reduce Emissions by 16.5 Percent: New Report

The information and communications technology (ICT) sector could play a role in building sustainability by improving areas such as logistics networks, fleet management and smart building management, according to a new study. The SMARTer2020 study estimates that together ICT technology could help cut emissions by 16.5 percent by 2020.

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