The Vitamin Shoppe and Vitamin Angels Partner for Social Good

Apr 23, 2013 7:30 AM ET

At The Vitamin Shoppe, the company’s maxim is “Every Body Matters.” The retailer and marketer aims to improve the health and well-being of its customers through good nutrition from vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies, and health and beauty aids. “Every Body Matters” also aptly describes the mission of Vitamin Angels. Vitamin Angels is a nonprofit charity dedicated to reducing child mortality in underdeveloped countries by providing nutrient supplementation—vitamin A especially—to at-risk populations. When Vitamin Angels president and founder Howard Schiffer recruited The Vitamin Shoppe to join the charity’s cause in 2007, the two organizations were a natural fit.

By choosing a charity whose mission is so close to its own work, The Vitamin Shoppe found it easy to inspire its own customers to donate. Customers who shop at The Vitamin Shoppe already place a premium on good nutrition. It’s not a stretch, then, for these customers to embrace Vitamin Angels, which seeks to ensure children around the world have similar access to adequate nutrients that others can so easily afford. The Vitamin Shoppe benefits from the partnership, too. The company gains the loyalty of customers who prioritize doing business with companies that give back.

Read more about Vitamin Shoppe and Vitamin Angels successful partnership and get thinking on how you can:  

  • Align your business strategy and brand with a societal cause
  • Identify and partner with a nonprofit that believes in your values
  • Involve customers in your cause programs to create deeper engagement
  • Learn about business-nonprofit partnerships and apply these strategies to define and align your business’ social purpose in our latest case-study. 

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