UFOs and Sustainability: What Can We Learn From the Dogged Pursuit of Disclosure?

Aug 5, 2021 11:15 AM ET

The Twilight Zone.
In Search Of….
The X-Files.

These television shows fueled the imaginations of generations, fostering curiosity while delivering cautionary tales about how we, as residents of this celestial sphere, must tread carefully when it comes to how we treat our planet and one another.

The tagline for The X-Files was one of hope in the face of adversity: “The Truth Is Out There.” And few fringe communities know more about hope in the pursuit of truth than the folks who have, for decades, worked to get the United States government to speak openly about UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Just as UFOs have grown more prominent and tangible in our societal consciousness due to recent developments, so too has the urgency of climate change, and the need for sustainable practices to counteract it.

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