VMware’s Commitment To Sustainability: CEO Pat Gelsinger Message to Employees

Jun 7, 2017 12:45 PM ET

With the announcement that the US will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, I wanted to reiterate VMware’s absolute commitment to operating our business in a responsible and sustainable manner. From our commitment to green building practices around the world to the order of magnitude our technology delivers in terms of energy and carbon emission reductions in IT, VMware has been on the leading edge of positive environmental impact since our inception.

Our virtualization technology has helped customers across the globe avoid 603 million megawatt hours of power consumption or 340 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions. The collective impact of this avoidance is equivalent to the power consumed by 43% of US households for one year. VMware will continue to be vigilant and innovative in driving a net positive future for VMware and our customers.

Last year, we announced our goal to achieve carbon neutral emissions by 2020 and to advance our commitment to use 100 percent renewable energy. We stand by that commitment because it’s the right thing to do for our employees, our company, our customers and our planet.

We will continue to provide input to the US Administration and Congress on issues that affect our company, our customers and our industry. We do this through our Political Action Committee, active participation in global industry groups such as the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) and through our VMware Government Affairs team.

At VMware, we have a long-standing commitment to driving innovation that contributes to a net positive future and sustainable growth. I could not be more proud of the leadership role VMware has played and will continue to play in leaving ahead a better future—to put back more into the environment, society and the global economy than we take—and to inspire our employees, customers and partners to do the same.

I welcome your thoughts and reactions.

Pat Gelsinger

To learn more about sustainability at VMware, visit http://www.vmware.com/company/sustainability.html