What Role Does Reward and Recognition Play in Overall Employee Engagement?

Mar 5, 2015 8:00 AM ET

Mia Mends

CEO of Benefits & Rewards, Sodexo

Employee engagement is essential to the success of an organization. Studies by industry experts show that engaged employees work harder, are more motivated, provide better customer service and have lower turnover rates. The bottom line — engagement has a profound effect on an organization’s performance.

That’s why it’s so surprising that only 13% of employees today are truly engaged at work. According to the 2013 Gallup Global Workforce Report, 87% of the global workforce has engagement levels that leave room for improvement. The report points out actively disengaged employees — those who are emotionally disconnected or hostile toward their employer — outnumber engaged employees at a rate of nearly 2 to 1. And that trend is growing.

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