2010 Web 2.0 Recap Part 5: Apple

Part 5 of web 2.0 recap breaks down Apple's amazing year.

Apple is one of those brands that just keeps getting better. It's easy to forget in the mid to late nineties when many experts had written the company off for good, saying its best days were behind it. Today's Apple is a far cry from what use to be. Words like innovative, fresh, ahead of the curve, and groundbreaking are more than appropriate descriptors. In 2010 Apple did the unthinkable and made it's product line profoundly stronger than it was in 2009. By now innovation should be expected. This year showed us that Apple is ready for the new decade and has an compromising drive to be the leading web 2.0 and tech brand of the future.

The Year of the iPad

Best tech product of the year? Best product hands down of the year? It's hard to disagree. 2010 will be remembered as the year of the iPad to the millions who picked one up and those who have yet to. Even the Apple haters must admire the stranglehold the iPad has put on the tablet market. Apple reopened a once dead market and dominated it unlike any other tech product of recent memory. Call it a symptom of right time/right place, but the iPad caught the worlds attention and will probably be the leading tablet for a long long time. It's entry level model costs $500, doesn't have a camera, and lacks the features of a similarly priced laptop, however it had just enough to capture and hold the public's attention. Just like the iPod and iPhone, Apple won big again and blazed a trail for others to follow.

The iPhone is Still King

Android and Windows Phone 7 would like to challenge its status, but the iPhone 4 was a huge success. An early reception problem (compounded with buyers having to put tape on their phones) may have been a minor setback, but the iPhone 4 improved upon it's predecessor and retained the title of the worlds most popular web 2.0 smart phone. The apple app store continued to thrive as expected.

Other Offerings

Apple stayed busy rolling out new products with a revamped iPod touch, a redone iPod Nano, an upgraded Apple TV and a new version of its Macbook Air. Apple stores across the world had a busy year in 2010. Apple also dabbed in the arena of social networking with a new network called Ping, which runs in iTunes. Although still relatively new, Ping has a lot of room for growth in the coming years.

Looking Ahead

Apple is loved by consumers and the media, so it's no surprise that the company brought in the new decade with a bang. It'll be interesting to see what Apple has up its sleeve for 2o11.